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Trick or Treats with Friedrich Ductless

Last Updated: September 1, 2022

Trick or Treats with Friedrich Ductless

As we approach the changing seasons and the festivities of Halloween, we think of the cool temperatures and crisp breeze heading our way.  We also start to think about the heating season and how to make it affordable. Good thing Friedrich is here with many treats and no tricks!! 


 Our Ductless line of products will happily replace your gas or expensive electric heaters with extremely efficient heat pump operation all the way down to 0°F! While typical heat pumps only operate down to ~40°F before switching into “Emergency heat” electric heat mode, Friedrich heat pumps can continue to work for 40 more degrees, offering Heating Seasonal Performance (HSPF) ratings as high as 11.00. Heat pumps work by taking the heat energy from the outdoor and transferring it to the indoor space using refrigerant (R-410A). While it’s true that colder outdoor temperatures make it harder to find heat to remove, our Precision Inverter ® will find any heat available and transfers it into your home! 


According to recent studies by the Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnerships, “When entire units are replaced, the annual ASHPs savings are around 3,000kWh (or $459) as compared to electric resistant heaters and 6,200kWh (or $948) as compared to oil systems. When displacing oil (i.e. the oil system remains, but operates less frequently), the average annual savings is near 3,000 kWh (or about $300).” (Source: http://www.neep.org/blog/looking-winter-proof-heat-pumps) 


 When you live in an area that experiences snow and ice during the winters, it’s recommended that the outdoor unit be placed in an area either higher than your anticipated snow depth or placed in a structure that keeps it clear of snow, so the system will not get blocked by snow or ice. Don’t be fooled by harsh winter conditions… condensers can be installed indoors! Customers in the Northeast Region of the US have installed our condensers in their garage so they can enjoy the deep winter savings of a Friedrich Heat Pump air conditioner into the single digit and negative temperatures 


As always, we strive to continually improve our products and the customer experience.   We welcome your feedback and are grateful for your support of Friedrich products! Remember visit www.friedrich.com to find the Friedrich that fits your application!  


Enjoy the change of the seasons and family gatherings as the winter approaches!! 

Your Friendly Ductless Team at Friedrich Air Conditioning! 

About the Author | Chris Magee

Chris Magee has been part of the Friedrich Air Conditioning family for over 15 years. While Chris has worn many hats in the organization, his focus has always been to push the boundaries of excellence in product development and to ensure Friedrich products maintain the company’s unparalleled quality standards. In his current role as Product Manager, Chris has brought to market such innovations as the industry’s first inverter-driven PTAC with make-up air capabilities, as well as relaunching Friedrich’s full portfolio of ductless mini-split products. Chris also spearheads many of the training initiatives within the organization and is nationally known and recognized as a leading expert in ductless equipment amongst contractors and Friedrich customers. Chris is a San Antonio native, who loves the history of both the Friedrich Company, and its home of San Antonio, Texas. When he is not working, he’s spending time with his wife and daughter, along with the family's two dogs.