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Friedrich Window-Mounted Heat Pumps - the Smart & Sustainable Choice

Last Updated: December 8, 2022

Friedrich Window-Mounted Heat Pumps - the Smart & Sustainable Choice

Did you know that Friedrich Air Conditioning has been selling window air conditioners with heat pump since the 1990s?

One of many firsts, Friedrich's Kühl continues to be the only North American-built window AC with heat pump available on the market.

A heat pump is an air conditioning system that can be run in reverse to produce heat during colder weather. What’s great about a heat pump is its energy efficiency. Heat pumps operate on electricity rather than fossil fuels and are up to 3 times more cost-effective to run than electric heat, so they’ll save you money on heating bills. Heat pumps work best when the average outdoor temperature remains at 45°F or higher, but most Friedrich heat pumps also come with electric heat that will automatically come on and operates as a space heater when the heat pump is no longer able to maintain the desired indoor temperature.

We aren't new to the AC business, in fact we've been making room ac's since 1952 and air conditioning is the sole focus of our company. We've been pushing the boundaries in AC innovation with award-winning, sustainable air comfort solutions and electrification before it was cool! Ready to find the Friedrich product that's right for you? Click here to learn more and find a retailer near you!

About the Author | Holly Beck

With more than 15 years of experience, Holly Beck is Friedrich’s Director of Marketing. In her role, she works with clients and customers to enhance and broaden Friedrich’s brand, both on- and offline. Holly's passion for innovation and connecting strategy to customers has made her integral in key strategic initiatives at Friedrich, including driving the company’s digital transformation and newly-launched website, as well as PR, advertising, product launches, and marketing program initiatives. Her commitment to overseeing and advancing Friedrich’s community goodwill and philanthropic efforts–ranging from assisting with hurricane recovery efforts to providing relief for homeless and youth shelters, schools and more–has benefited dozens of worthy nonprofit organizations and improved the lives of others in need. Holly’s family, including her young son, daughter, and husband are paramount in her life, and she considers herself blessed to also be part of the Friedrich “family” of valued colleagues, co-workers, and friends.